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 The arrival in Cheltenham during the early 1950s of that part of the Foreign Office known as GCHQ made an instant impact on the everyday life of the town and soon developed into a major source of employment, which is evident to this day.

Among the early staff arrivals were a number of Freemasons from the London area, Bletchley Park, and elsewhere, who needed to find a new Masonic home and were soon regular visitors to the existing lodges in the area.  Eventually there were sufficient  Freemasons at GCHQ to form a new Lodge and this became the nucleus that formed The Mercurius Lodge No 7507 meeting at the Cheltenham Masonic Hall - a unique building being one of the very few purpose built Masonic Temples in the World. Although the Mercurius Lodge may have begun  its life with members taken almost exclusively from GCHQ, it is not, and never has been, a Lodge that took its members solely from GCHQ or the Civil Service.  Indeed, its current membership reflects almost every walk of life.  

The Mercurius Lodge No 7507 was consecrated at the Pillar Room of Cheltenham Town Hall on Monday 25th March 1957.  The name Mercurius is derived from Mercury, the messenger of the Gods  who was also the God of science and travel, all of which activities represent part of the responsibilities of staff at GCHQ.


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