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In 2011, as every year, we hold a Carol evening, followed by a very good meal, to which friends and visitors are invited, which takes place in our festively decorated dining room




A visit at the end of May of 5 brethren from  Het Schietlood  lodge 145  The Hague, Holland, came about through Foundation’s web site when Bro Willem Polak,  the lodge Orator, (similar to our Director of Ceremonies) contacted W Bro Ray Pearson, web master of foundationlodge82.co.uk. A number of emails, and several months later, the group arrived on Wednesday May 25th 2011 and experienced their first Emulation Ritual lodge meeting with the second degree passing ceremony of Bro Chris Metcalf. Also at that meeting was W Bro John Thurston on his last official engagement as Deputy Provincial Grand Master. On the Thursday the group made a tour of Cheltenham and then drove down through the Forest of Dean to Bristol Masonic Hall where they experienced Vincent Lodge 1404 performing an unusual double third. Friday continued the visiting schedule with the afternoon looking round Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths followed by the Somerset workings of Brislington Lodge 1296’s installation ceremony at Keynsham Masonic Hall. Saturday the group joined several hundred Freemasons for the meeting and lunch at Wycliffe College of the Gloucestershire Provincial Grand Lodge. The visit concluded with a meal with the Dutch brethren at the Real China in Cheltenham. Interestingly we think our festive board of two hours is long. We sat down at 7.30 and were all still talking about lots of things, Masonic and general interest,  when the restaurant closed at 11.30!

They were much taken by the different types of workings and the pomp and ceremony of Provincial Grand lodge. Foundation has created real Masonic Brotherhood with the Dutch brethren. So much in fact that several of the group have said that they enjoyed our friendliness so much that they may become members of Foundation Lodge and intend to attend our meetings! 

At every meeting all the Brethren our Dutch brothers met were interested in the white tie and tail plus orange waist coat and apron they wore. But few noticed the small line and Schietlood which hung from their side of their apron – Schietlood being Dutch for plumb bob. But from the Dutch view they also thought our regalia was very colourful and fantastic. Particularly those of the Grand Masters at Provincial Grand Lodge. But one thing which intrigued them, and brought great merriment, was our Masonic  fire. Once they had mastered it in one lodge, and they were ready at the next meeting; it was different! 

Plans are beginning to take shape for a visit to Het Schietlood  lodge 215  The Hague, Holland next year.

If you are interested email  as below

 Back row Wim van der Goes   - Tyler; Menno de Boorder  - Senior Warden; Ray Pearson Foundation Lodge

Front row Jacob  Kleisen   - PM;  Willem Polak    - Orator;    Walter Van Schevikhoven – Secretary



As a lodge we organise a number of functions during the course of the year.

As this is the 'early stages' of our web pages we begin with  a river trip.


On June 3rd 2008 Brethren of Foundation Lodge,  guests and their ladies took one of the last river trips on the river from Tewkesbury Marina.

With the flooding in Tewkesbury and uncertain future river conditions the company organising these trip found that it was not viable any more.

Nevertheless we all had a very good evening quietly 'cruising' the river and enjoying a terrific buffet.

During the trip a raffle was held which resulted in £34.00 being donated to Charity.

In December 2008 we held our annual Carol service which was well attended and included a banquet.



 ADAM, RUTH & THE 10,000 KM

2009 AFRICA RALLY                                                       


As part of the Africa Rally  2009 Adam, member of

Foundation Lodge  82, and Ruth, will leave Cheltenham

on 13th December 09 in their £900 left hand drive

 Mercedes and plan to  drive, unsupported, to Limbe

Cameroon to raise money for Charity,

through the following countries:

France - hopefully down the motorways

Spain - party in Barcelona with the participants and the

chance to enjoy some creature comforts. Morocco -

souks, beaches and possibly some snow. Western

Sahara - the two day Sahara crossing along the

Atlantic coast. Mauritania - sandy, getting quite

warm, a bit politically unstable. Mali - dusty and hot. 

Think Timbuktu (although we are not actually getting

there) and big mud mosques Bukina Faso - The UN rates it as the

world's third poorest country. Togo - a slip of a country with a some forests and good beaches. Benin - Home of vodoo, houses on stilts and Atlantic beaches. Nigeria - enough said. Cameroon - Bad roads, jungle and black sand beaches


Adam Said “All being well, we should arrive in Limbe, Cameroon a month later where our car will be auctioned off and with the money going to the charities the Rally is supporting.  We shall then fly back from just south of the equator to January in England’












Foundation Lodge 82 Contact Details Email info@foundationlodge82.co.uk