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Freemasonry Universal

Brethren of Foundation Lodge, one of the world's oldest lodges and members of the world wide fraternity of Freemasons,

 welcome you into their Lodge web site.

there are many  millions of  brethren

internationally, working the traditional English ceremonies, who are recognised by Grand Lodge in London


Freemasonry is the United Kingdom’s largest secular, fraternal organisation.

Multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-racial it has over 300,000 members in nearly 9,000 lodges in

England & Wales.


Freemasonry offers its members an approach to life. which seeks to instil, and

reinforce, thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business,

courtesy in society and fairness in all things.


While members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount,

charity is at the heart of Freemasonry. This is achieved by teaching and practising

concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.


Freemasonry only raises money for charity from within its own organisation

and is the second biggest contributor to charity after the UK National Lottery.


Please browse through our pages. We hope you find them interesting.

Should you have any questions on Freemasonry, Cheltenham Masonic Hall or just wish to make a comment, please do so using the contact details.



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